Ionko Gueorguiev




I'm a front end web developer specializing in HTML, CSS and JavaScipt. I love creating pixel perfect and responsive prorotypes, that is by far my favorite part of the industry and to be honest it's been a hobby before it was a career.

I made my first website when I was 13 years old for a gaming clan, long before the internet became such a social tool, and I kept making websites ever since. Over the last decade I have had the pleasure and oportunity to work on many amazing projects for many fantastic companies as a free lance contractor.

One of my favorite projects among many was back in 2012, when responsive design finally started making it's way into mainstream development for Komatsu North America. The portal had close to 1000 items in it's main navigation and making a menu of that many links fit on a mobile screen was one of the most fun challanges I have had.

If you would like to know more about me please get in touch or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thank you,

Top Technical Skills:
Responsive Web Development
Functional Web Prototyping
UI/UX Design

Supportive Skills and Additional Expertise:

Content Management Systems
Adobe AEM/CQ5
E-Commerce Platforms
Visual Studio/TFS
Mobile Application UI
Modular Template Design
Technical project Coordination and Leadership
Cross-Departmental Collaboration


BlueMetal an Insight company
Sr. Software Engineer F.E.D.

Work on multiple client projects using front end technologies such as HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Create strategy and design concepts for Massachusetts Institute and Technology internal platform. Design and Develop the UI and view components of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 team platform.

ATG - American Transport Group
Front End Developer

Create an internal Sales Performance Management (SPM) application aimed to improve employee productivity.

Keep track and compare client acquisition, sales performance, costs and profits for each sale, performance based employee incentives and other feedback mechanisms critical to the sales team daily tasks.

McDonald’s Corporation
Senior Front End Developer

Take ownership of multiple company assets, including and All American Games.

Migrate them from 3rd party vendors into the McDonald’s internal Adobe AEM platform and implement content update standards.

Create and implement various marketing product pages and develop new layouts for company products.

Career Education Corporation
Front End Developer

Develop new marketing landing pages, improve mobile and cross browser experience on existing websites through Sitecore CMS.

BMO Harris Bank
Front End Developer

Develop new marketing landing pages, improve mobile and cross browser experience on existing websites through Sitecore CMS.

Komatsu America
Front End UI/Application Designer

Design layouts and templates for internal and external corporate portals. Create and implement standards for application UIs, deploy global styling libraries. Updates and modifications to company sites utilizing Share Point and SiteCore CMS frameworks.